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Short History of

 Characterising this sentence, our school Shri G.T. Sheth Vidhyalaya Rajkot feels very Pride and Joyous.

The Jain Education Society was established on 19/10/1943. Shri Chimanbhai Chakubhai Shah, was the founder of the same, (one who was familiar by his short name C. C. Shah, was known as Bhishm Pitamah of Jain Education society).

He paid his entire loyalty to mandal from the beginning till his last breath. The seed which Shri Chimanbhai Chakubhai Shah planted in Rajkot has become a huge tree as Shri G.T. Sheth Vidyalaya today.

In the year 1970-71 Shri Chimanbhai Chakubhai Shah visited Shri Hiralaxmi Sheth & Dr. Sushilaben Sheth at Rajkot city where he wished to start a hostel for the students by Jain Education society and promptly Shri Kantibhai K. Sheth & Sheth family showed their keen interest of serving in Education field, they donated and started making of the institute. Together these all acquired the land for constructing the hostel in 1971. During this whole time Dr. Sushilaben Sheth stood with them all constantly.

Mumbai Managing Committee at Mumbai formed a local committee for Rajkot as under :-

President Shri Kantibhai K. Sheth  
Vice –President Shri Pravinbhai Doshi  
Honorable Secretory Shri Pravinbhai Punjani  
Trustee Shri Dr. Sushilaben K. Sheth  
Member Shri Hiraben K. Sheth  
  Shri Vinodbhai Gosaliya Shri Atulbhai Modi
  Shri J.K. Modi Shri Kantilalbhai Marfatiya
  Shri Kantibhai Bhudarbhai Pareskh Shri Dr. Shantilal P. Malvaniya
  Shri Kanubhai Udani Shri Chandrakantbhai Kotecha
  Shri Jashvantray Punjani Manubhai Vora
  Sri Bhupatbhai Sanghani Harshukhbhai K. Tamboli

In the compus of Shri G.T. sheth Vidyalaya the first foundation stone for the hostel, was put by shri Hiraben sheth on 20/11/1972 and at this occasion as a prime chair person shri Durlabhbhai Khetani’s contribution was remarkable. All the eminent personalities related to various fields, Jain Kelvani Mandal mumbai’s Shri Kantibhai Sheth, Shri Chimanbhai Nagardas Shah, shri Ratibhai Chitaliya, Shri Hasmukhbhai Sanghvi, Shri Chimanbhai Chakubhai Shah, Shri Gijubhai Mehta and Shri Manilal Mehta were present at this occasion and pushed forward this noble deed.

At this occasion honorable secretary shri Chimanbhai Chakubhai Shah recalled back the sweet memories having golden relations with late Shri Gulabchand Talakchand Sheth and also acknowledged the charity fund received from Shri Kantibhai Sheth and Shri Hiraben Sheth at the time of ‘silver jubilee’ celebration of Shri Kantibhai Sheth.

The hostel (in the campus of shri G.T. Sheth Vidyalaya) for college students, ran smoothly from 1972 to 1983. After 1983 students' flow diverted towards Surendranagar, Ahmadabad and Mumbai. Therefore, the numbers of hostel students decreased eventually. As a result of this the said hostel was closed. Shri Hiraben sheth suggested to start a school in the building of the hostel then. This golden thought was firmly welcomed hence achieved. Today, as the grace and blessings of the God the institute has such a huge treelike school Shri G.T. Sheth Vidyalay.

As a gift of great God the institute has well experienced Karmyogis Shri Hiralaxmiben Sheth, Shri Kantibhai Sheth , Shri Pravinbhai Punjani and Dr. Sushilaben Sheth who are with us since the beginning.

The Primary school was started from 11/06/1984. Shri Hiraben Sheth intently started in the beginning having co-operation of Shri Pravinbhai Punjani and Dr. Sushilaben sheth. Shri Vinodbhai Gosaliya also facilitated the bus as school bus services.

In the beginning this entire process was challenging but as the motto of the committee members to render the best education services, they carried out succefully. Shri Hiraben Sheth handed over the responsibilities to retired govt. school’s principal Shri L.J. Bhatt. The school resumed from KG to 12th standards then. Medium English too started and along with Gujarati medium which has science and commerce streams both, the successful results attained and the school started two shifts i.e. Morning & Afternoon shift for KG to 12th standard students. The fragrance of quality education started spreading in the region.

When high school section started , according to Government’s norms the first five years there was no provision of grant from the government as well as many students were unable to pay the fees. The education dedicated teachers came forward to serve putting faith that as and when the Government grant be applied they would be entitled for salary according to government grades.

Till the year 2005 the craze for self-finance schools went on increasing hence the education became costly. In this period of time our school rendered qualitative education which provide with nominal fees to became blessings for middle class students.

Over 2500 students of KG, Primary, High school and Higher secondary sections are studying. The noble plannings and parimonial management of the school administration, from the trust’s savings, occupied 10 Acre land at Hariparpal, Kalawad Road, Which has been used here after by trust for expansion of Trust’s activities for future.

Under the guidance and inspirations of Shri Dr.Sushilaben Sheth, Shri G. T. Sheth Vidyalaya is been providing noble and best citizens to the society having a noble motto of life oriented education spreading. The school has the tradition of providing successful results in education and co-education fields. The students become masters in various fields as its school’s environment help them to. The fragrance of qualitative education of the school is spread all over in the regions of the city. The school has the pride to achieve “Best School” award by District education office in the year 2016-2017. Along with this the Government of Gujarat has awarded ? 1 lakh gift to the school.

The Jain education Society Mumbai trustees Dr. Sushilaben Sheth, Shri Vinodbhai Gosaliya, Shri Hareshbhai Vora under the guidance of Local education committee members' vision, creative attitude as well as under the leadership of principals and administrators of primary, high school and Higher secondary sections' experienced and trained staff members constant efforts, to move forward motto, the school successfully achieves the new goals with time, putting new milestones one by one of its journey. The School provides qualitative education to economical backward and middle class students and thereby performs its duties towards society being a noble example for all other schools.


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