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Kalawad Road, Rajkot - 360005
Brief introduction of The Jain Education Society.

 In the year 1943 The Jain Education Society had planted a seed which has become a large and huge tree today spreading peace message amongst thousands of people's life. The prosperous branches of the tree means its cultural value based different Educational Institutes where as the ascent of its fragrance of flowers are its students spreading fragrance of education everywhere. The golden era of the said means different and variable branches of many educational and social institutes are its spring. There after the journey continued until its Diamond Jubilee Hence its AmrutaKal indicating the uplifting Empire of Golden success story of its journey.   sentence of Tirthankar Lord Shri Mahaveer says that one who has the knowledge makes the others knowledgeable so is to be respected as well saluted. The clear message to mankind is, " take me to the region of Light from the depth of Darkness."

Yes, it's the talk about the knowledge, the light of wisdom, the light of godliness which rose in 1943. Being carried with lots of futuristic imaginations in their Minds with great ambitions and to be knowledge worthy many of our brothers were coming to the infatuated Mumbai city from almost of all corners of the nation which became a great worry for their accommodations as well study. At this era of time, noble Lady Shri Tapibai Chunilal Mehta one who is Education loving, very affectionate personality came forward with her great will to resolve the matter. With her great charity in the region of Kot, Marz ban road one huge and magnificent building was bought and Shri Chunilal Mehta Vidyalaya was established therefrom.

With the great blessings of venerable munisree Amulakhrushiji, Shri Ratna Chintamani sthanakvasi Jain Mitra Mandal and Some of service oriented and ambitious workers of the Mandal established an educational and cultural Institute named as Sri Jain kelavani Mandal in 1943. The first branch of it became Shree Chunilal Mehta Jain Vidyalaya. One who had the grace of goddess of knowledge, Devi Saraswati as well as the grace of goddess of prosperity Devi Lakshmi, became the first President of Sri Chunilal Bhaichand Mehta Jain kelavni Mandal. Whose love and great efforts for igniting the knowledge flame there after been supported by the allies Shri Keshavji Mohanji Khetani, Mandal founder Shri Chimanbhai Chakubhai Shah, the Great charities sponsor Shri Keshavlal Raghavji Sanghrajka, the education loving personality Shri Javerchand Raghavji Sanghrajka and step up the great Charity sponsor Shri Gulabchand Talakchand Sheth, the great visionary Sri Durlabhji Keshavji Khetani and one who believes in service of the society the workers SarvshriVelji Lakhamshi Nathu, Shri PranlalInderji SHeth, Shri Khushalbhai Khengarbhai, Shri khimchand Maganlal Vora, Shri Varjivandas Tribhuvandas Sheth, Shri Gijubhai Mehta, Shri Manilal Talakchand Sheth, Shri Bachubhai P. Doshi and great leaders of the society for their efforts the society will always be grateful.

In this era of constant progressive education activities, Mumbai's Shresthi Shri Amulakh Ami chand released great Charity in the fond memory of his son late Madhukant and founded Madhu Balmandir in 1944. Thus, a new pathway was carried of The Jain Education Society there after. In the year 1946 when the great charities sponsor Shri Keshavji Monji Khetani and in the fond memory of his wife Late Ratanbai, at Mumbai Kolbhatlane Ratanbai Keshavji Khetani Ratnachintamani Sthanakvasi Jain KanyaShala was founded. Here all girl students had been nurtured in education, music, tailoring, painting, dance, drama, debate and thereby becoming self independent in various fields. Here in this KanyaShala with the great Charity of Shri khimachand Maganlal Vora's charity a great, huge and beautiful library is established.

Thus, the The Jain Education Society 's constant progress of different educational activities were continued till the time. In the year 1947 along with India's freedom movement a wind started blowing of new makeovers. Ambitious, bright and to do something in the mind for the nation motive holder students were largely moving towards India's economical capital Mumbai.

To the east and western part of the city many new colleges and Universities came into existence. Accommodations of our Jain brothers were critical. Two great charities sponsor Jain brothers Shri Keshavlal Raghvji Sanghrajka and Shri Zaverchand Raghavji Sanghrajka came forward to tackle this critical situation for our brothers' help who came to the city were truly knowledge thirsty.

Sanghrajka family who had a pain in their hearts for the troubles of our brothers, came forward and as a result today's K.R. Sanghrajka and brothers Vidyalaya has come into existence which is located at Matunga (Vadala). In the year 1950 in Vadala a plot had been bought and there after in 1955 this Shri K. R. Sanghrajka and brothers Vidyalaya was inaugurated.

The progressive journey of The Jain Education Society started moving forward rapidly there after. One by one many milestones were put which is remarkable. As a part of Shri C.B. Mehta Jain Vidyalaya's expansion it migrated from V. T. Mumbai to Vadala. Two of the Great and generous charity sponsors Sri C.B. Mehta and Shri Sangharajka brothers' memories unitedly stabled in one complex and became a guide for thousands of students life. Out of us not even one has seen these great and benevolent people anytime but the fact is thousands of students are yet grateful to them. Without subduing the flame of service into the name of humanity thousands of students pathway had in darkness. For this our society would always be a debtor to them.

Our students would be able to gain knowledge and education from different and popular colleges in Mumbai, staying in Vadala's peaceful, enchanting complex and fulfilling their all dreams and ambitions. More than 3000 students have stayed here in the institute and have reached up to the top successful positions and have brighten the name of the institute as well as the society. Many of our students are on the top positions of the society as doctors, engineers, chartered accountants as they live pridely obtaining the degrees from our Institutes today. Many of our students have earned Prestige and respect in the society as being Industrialists. The students who who achieved ranks in different Universities and institutes with spontaneity, almost all are rank holders even today in the society with the same spontaneity. For this the whole credit goes to The Jain Education Society hence this was almost Impossible without the restless efforts, love, visionary planning’s and affection of The Jain Education Society.

We have today all the facilities available in our institution's complex. The best Accommodation for staying and environmental openness as well as whole some and nutritional Jain food along with a separate classroom with all the facilities available for study and also we have the personality development programmes and student management committees arranging picnic and Tours activities of blood donation camp, various kinds of religious adorations as well as the essential life culture have been constant be feed to the students by The Jain Education Society's service oriented administrators always.

No one student be spared because of lack of economical backwardness. The Jain Education Society loan trust has started scholarship program which is supported by the society very much. As of these planning’s all the students has accommodation facility, meals and the books are available to them without paying. Two additional factors have been added in 1960 and 1968 in mandal's cultural voyage.

With honest efforts put by respected Shri Nathalal Manekchand Parekh in the year 1960 for higher education expecting and bright students, The Jain Education Society contributed a special fund and these all the bright stars had been sent to foreign for higher education and facilitated. With such kind of uplifting our society and the beautiful work The Jain Education Society has reached the highest peak.

Shrimati LabhKunwar Bhogilal Turakhiya Book bank was established by socialist and education loving personality Shri Bhogilal Raichand Turakhiya at Mumbai in 1968 for the Welfare of Higher Education expecting sthanakvasi Jain students. Many of the students are the beneficiaries of this kind of efforts and have progressed in their lives. One can applause this beautiful combination of wealth and knowledge contributed by Jain Kelvani Mandal.


One more Glory was added into The Jain Education Society success story in the year 1962. Ardent Donor and service oriented and all round education advocacy holder respected Shri Gulabchand Talakchand Sheth donated The Jain Education Society and expanded its service sector upto Rajkot. As a result Jain Hostel was established in 1972 at Rajkot region on entered into its youth age which later on known as Shri Gulabchand Talakchand Sheth Vidyalaya in 1984.

Around 2500 students in 42 classrooms are adorating Maa Sarasvati from K.G. to 12th standard in Gujarati and English medium today in this school. To build self confidence, loyalty, dedication and progress of nationalism in all the students and thereby to latent the talents of the students Jain Kelvani Mandal has the aim which has become the feather on the hat.

In the beginning of Shri G. T. Sheth Vidyalaya well known chartered accountant and our school'ss ex student Shri Pravinbhai Punjani and the ex minister in social welfare department of government of Gujarat State, nowadays trustee Dr. Sushilaben Sheth have rendered their hard efforts and special collaboration institution's cultural reputation is spreading day by day more. Under the guidance of Dr. Sushilaben Sheth, Shri HareshbhaiVora, Shri Vinodbhai Gosaliya and their whole team are managing this School successfully. The sustainable developments of the school is being progressive day by day under their guidance. The unprecedented contribution of late Sri Durlabhjibhai Khetani is likely to be counted for the journey till today of The Jain Education Society which is a prideful body of Jain society. His foresightedness, knowledge thirst and development of beautiful society and the powerful will as well as dedication towards the society selflessly and overall fatherly and affectious efforts to build a fruitful society thereby become accountable to salute to these great men and worshiper of Maa Sarasvati.

Late Shri Bachubhai P. Doshi became a stone of foundation of entire progress era of The Jain Education Society. He devoted his whole life to the institute. The Jain Education Society is obliged having such a great personality.

All the ongoing The Jain Education Society trustees including president, vice president, minister, the treasurer are rendering their Noble services and putting their honest efforts to uplift the level more higher for The Jain Education Society. As the salty water with the help of heat of the sun goes upwards and comes back down as pure and sweet water in the form of rain like a way giving cultural value bearing co-ordination from The Jain Education Society, the Youth gains the qualities of serenity, well cultured talent and provides back in multiple to the society the prosperity, talent, knowledge, service and strengthens the society thereby. As a fruit to this many people, families, societies have become happy, prosperous and powerful.


Short History of Shri G. T. Sheth Vidyalaya